Jill Walsh adopted Woody into her beagle pack in October 2011. She sent us this update in 2018:

Wow! I’m absolutely thrilled that you asked about Woody, the sweetest dog on Planet Earth! I love him so much. He’s the oldest of my beagle pack (3 adorable hounds) and doing well. He had a moderate tear in one of his cruciate ligaments a few winters ago after slipping on ice but I refused the TPLO surgery and, instead, got him a brace, gave him nightly puppy massage, and took him to weekly PT appts. and did workouts at home until it healed. Then he tore the other leg’s ligament and we repeated the same process. It was a yearlong recovery but he’s been fine since then.

Please, allow me to brag about my handsome boy! Woody is the most easy going, sweetest, and introspective pooch in my life. Because of his strong sense of smell and remarkable intelligence, Woody was a superstar at his “find-it” (scent detection) classes that we took together a few years ago run by Anne Davis of Rudy’s Friends! I have a strong feeling that Woody had been formally trained in scent detection in his prior life before being taken as a stray to the Fairfax Co. shelter. When Woody would find the hidden scent during class (and he always did), he would immediately sit and look up at me. Anne said that’s what professional detection dogs are trained to do so he had to have been trained by someone in his past. That part makes me a little sad….not knowing what his first 2 years were like and how he could have been separated from his human.

I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the NoVa SPCA for allowing me to be Woody’s mom. He’s a special, beloved member of our family.

Thank you. I’m happy to help the SPCA whenever I can. Keep saving lives!