Update: Sting has recovered and has been adopted!

Poor Sting was stepped on – bruising his lungs and requiring hospitalization!

This poor little guy was accidentally stepped on by an adult in his foster home. Following the accident, Sting ran under the bed then vomited and pooped – not good signs. His foster mom got him out from under the bed. He appeared to initially be in shock and was breathing harder than normal.

Rushed to the vet, Sting got xrays and an ultrasound to look for signs of damaged organs, hernias, internal bleeding and broken ribs. For now, it looks like the damage was primarily to his lungs – contusions (bruises) which are causing some bleeding. He was hospitalized and given pain and anti-inflammatory medication, and observed over night.

Now back in a new foster home with his brothers, Sting is confined to a tent – to keep him from running around and wrestling with his brothers. He doesn’t quite understand why he’s in a tent and why he can’t play with his brothers! Cosmo and Marbles are are keeping him company through the tent.

Sting will be confined to the tent and monitored closely for a few days. Then more xrays will be taken to monitor his progress. We are hopefull he will make a full recovery after swift action by an SPCA volunteer who rushed him to the vet.

Thank you Debbie and Kathleen for being Sting’s Guardian Angels.