Sinbad had infected bite wounds and was malnourished when coming into our care. He has made a full recovery, and is ready for his forever home.

Sinbad is so sweet. His story will make you cry then your heart will melt. How did this sweet, older kitty (estimated DOB January 2011), end up fending for his life on the streets? In the middle of winter! We don’t know if he was lost or abandoned but he’s one of the lucky ones.

Sinbad showed up on the doorstep of a former SPCA adopter. He was severely malnourished and had abscessed wounds – probably bite wounds from another animal – near the base of his tail. Photos of his wounds are too gruesome – so we won’t post them. The person who found him initially called the local shelter for help. An animal control officer showed up and essentially said he couldn’t help Sinbad ‘because there was no law against a cat living outdoors and he didn’t appear to be injured.’ Obviously, the officer didn’t even bother to examine Sinbad.

After getting an email from the person who found Sinbad, SPCA arranged for him to receive urgent care at a local vet. You didn’t have to look too hard to know Sinbad was in trouble. He was underweight and had a dingy coat not to mention abscessed wounds at the base of his tail. For an older kitty, these issues were especially worrisome. Sinbad was put on two antibiotics while we waited for a culture to confirm he was on the right medications to address the infection. Not surprisingly, his blood work showed he was anemic and had a raging infection. Once his health was restored, Sinbad received vaccinations and a dental cleaning.

Through his recovery, Sinbad has shown us he’s a fighter. And he’s a complete love bug. He is a sweet, confident kitty who loves people and is quite playful. Sinbad is still looking for a loving forever home.

Thank you Lisa, Brenda & Janet for being Sinbad’s Guardian Angels!