Update: Sinbad has recovered and is ready for adoption!

Sinbad was malnourised and had bite wounds when coming into our care.

Sinbad is so sweet that he will make your heart melt. How did this sweet, older kitty, end up fending for his life on the streets? We don’t know if he was lost or abandoned. Sinbad showed up on the doorstep of a former SPCA adopter. He was severely malnourished and had abscessed wounds – possibly bite wounds from another animal – near the base of his tail. (Photos of his wounds are too gruesome so we won’t post them).

Sinbad was taken to urgent care. We didn’t know initially why he was so malnourished but learned after the vet examined him that he has wounds that had abscessed and then ruptured. He’s currently getting two different antibiotics while awaiting a culture to make sure he’s getting the right antibiotics. Sinbad has an extremely high white blood count indicating how serious the infection is.

Thank you Lisa, Brenda & Janet for being Sinbad’s Guardian Angels!