JULIA is a fun, cuddly and social kitty. She has incredibly soft fur which feels like silk when you pet her. She settles into a new home right away and greets her human friends at the door. Julia has been fostered with her brother, Oscar, but, over time, they have become less compatible with each other. Oscar (posted separately) has been moved to a new foster home. These kitties are much happier now as single kitties in their foster homes. Julia needs to be the only cat in her forever home.

Julia has an adorable nose which is half pink, half brown. She is a sweet purring machine who loves being petted. When you meet Julia, it’s easy to see why she usually gets her way! She has an outgoing personality, and isn’t shy about letting you know what she wants. Julia is very good at keeping herself entertained with toys – batting toy mice around her foster home – up and down the stairs and flinging them across the room.

Julia needs a home with an experienced cat caretaker. While she is very friendly and adores people, she has unusually strong prey and food drives that cause her to be a little obsessive with finding food to eat. She also has a tendency to chew on small plastic things or bags – so its important that her forever home is kitten-proofed and her guardian understands these behaviors. We are working with Julia to addresses these behaviors which we hope will improve over time. Julia is such a wonderful kitty who needs lots of toys, interaction with people and food on a regular schedule to keep her happy.