No foster needed. Thank you Natasha for fostering Jasper.

JASPER is an amazingly friendly cat who was given a bad deal in life. He was either lost or abandoned outdoors – living on the streets and scrounging for food from anyone who would feed him.

The first photo was taken outdoors right before Jasper was rescued. As you can see, he looks a little ‘rough.’ This poor boy had a gaping wound on his neck probably from fighting with another cat. Sadly, this is common when unneutered males are roaming the streets. The other two photos were taken a while ago when Jasper was happier and healthier!

Jasper is a very friendly kitty. A kind person had been feeding him off and on for a couple of years but never knew if he had a home or not. He didn’t show up daily, so he must have had another source of food. But this time was different – when Jasper showed up in clear distress.

Jasper has recovered from the bite wound to his neck. He has been neutered and received rabies and distemper vaccinations. Sadly, he is FIV positive but appears healthy otherwise.

Now in a foster home, Jasper will be posted for adoption soon.