Giselle needed exploratory surgery. After returning to her foster home, she has been adopted by her foster mom!

GISELLE came into our care in January with a litter of 5 kittens. A very unusual time for kittens to be born. Giselle was a wonderful mom and all of her kittens were adopted months ago.

But poor Giselle has had intermittent vomiting for months. We have addressed this step by step…not knowing the cause of her vomiting. Various anti-nauseous medications, deworming, and special prescription food. Because the vomiting has continued, we did xrays which have shown she MAY have something in her stomach she can’t digest. We don’t know if this is a ‘foreign body’ (something not edible she swallowed) or possibly a hairball.

The only way to determine what’s going on is to do exploratory surgery. We were hoping to not have to put Giselle through surgery, but don’t have any other options for trying to help her. We will post updates following her surgery.

Please consider being Giselle’s Guardian Angel to help us pay for her surgery and follow up care.

Thank you Debbie for being her initial foster mom and her Guardian Angel.

Thank you to the following people for contributing to Giselle’s fundraising campaign.