Dakota was covered in scabs and missing a lot of her fur when she came into our care.

DAKOTA is a sweet, calm lap cat. She wants nothing more than to keep you company all day long!

Dakota came into our care from a local shelter with skin issues. She had scabs all over her neck and chest and her skin in this area was infected. She was also missing a lot of fur on the bottom half of her body. These photos were taken a month or so after coming into our care after her treatment had made a lot of progress.

There are a lot of allergens that can cause Dakota’s symptoms. Addressing them and ruling them out is a time consuming process. Dakota has made many trips back and forth to the vet. She’s a real trooper.

If you would like to help us care for Dakota, please consider being her Guardian Angel.

Thank you Shelley, Janet and Emily for being Dakota’s guardian angel!