Chili and Pepper need experienced cat fosters (a couple or family with a cat-savvy older child) who can shower them with affection to facilitate Chili’s socialization with people.

CHILI and PEPPER are quite a duo! Chili is tiny and feisty. Pepper is like pudding in your hands. They are rambunctious and need enough space to chase and pounce on each other – they are quite the little wrestlers.

CHILI is an adorable brown tabby. She is the smallest of the litter of 4 kittens. Although small in size, she is extremely rambunctious and a feisty girl. She likes to hiss to show you she is uncomfortable with something and will run and hide when something new appears. Chili has made extremely good progress with her foster mom. No longer hisses if approached slowly and will allow you to pick her up. She likes to be petted but just a few at a time. Chili climbs on to your legs or sits in your lap when you are quietly sitting or laying down watching TV. She needs careful exposure to more people in a carefully controlled environment – first in one room then allowed to slowly move to bigger space in the household. She has made so much progress with her socialization and will continue to progress but needs the right new environment so she doesn’t just get attached to her foster mom.

PEPPER is an adorable fluffy black kitten and the biggest in his litter. He is like pudding in your hands. Pepper is friendly and fearless and was comfortable with people since day 1 of his rescue. Pepper loves to be picked up and cuddled and turns on his motor to let you know he’s happy. He is a rambunctious like most boy kittens and love to chase, pounce on and tackle his sister. If he’s too rough with Chili, given his bigger size, she hisses at him to put him in his place. Pepper greets you at the door and cries to be picked up. His one vice is that he likes to get under your feet so you need to be very careful when walking around him since he’s still a small kitten. Hopefully he will learn getting under your foot isn’t a good idea.

These kittens were rescued from outdoors as younger kitten. Their other two siblings were transferred to another rescue who had an available foster home to care for them. Pepper is fully socialized with people, but Chili, while making good progress, still needs careful socialization to get her use to different people and new environments.

They will be ready for adoption as a pair once Chili is fully socialized.