Gender: Female

Birth date: 10/2021

Needs feline companion: Yes


Gabby's Personality

Gabby is a beautiful tabby/calico girl with a blend of stripes and patches of color. She is an exceptionally friendly and outgoing kitty who settles into a new home easily and greets you at the door when you return home. She is curious and a little mischievous…if you can't find her, check your closets to see if she has sneaked inside, seemingly waiting for you to come and find her!

Gabby loves, loves, loves hanging out with people. If you are working from home, she is usually playing or napping nearby. If you are sitting on the couch, Gabby likes to sit in your lap or next to you. At night, she often sleeps by your side…or sometimes decides to find a cozy spot elsewhere until you wake up in the morning. Then Gabby is there to greet you. This girl is also becoming more and more playful every day. She likes batting around plastic tops to containers and fluffy balls, and goes wild when you play with her with a feather on a stick or laser pointer. Daily play activity is important – so bring out the feather toy or laser pointer at least once a day for some good, vigorous playtime.

Gabby can also be a little sassy under some circumstances. While she likes to be petted, she can get a little overstimulated and nip if you pet her too much. She may also nip if she wants to get your attention so its important to make sure Gabby has plenty playtime with people, a variety of toys to play with, and a kitty condo or perch in front of a window so she can watch activities outdoors.

Type of Home Gabby Needs

Gabby needs a home with experienced cat caretakers who understand both her sweet and sassy sides. Gabby needs plenty of playtime and activity around her to keep her engaged. A single-person home will not give her enough stimulation that she needs. An adult couple would be ideal, but a home with an older cat-savvy child would be fine (over about 12 yrs of age). No young children now or in the future.

Gabby will do best with a female kitty companion – one that shares her need for stimulation and play-time. Having a cat buddy would likely alleviate all of her nippiness – she just needs stimulation and activity. We will consider a home without another cat but all of our decisions are based on what's best for our kitties.

Where Gabby Came From

Gabby came into SPCA NOVA's care from a local shelter where she had been brought in as a stray kitty with a litter of kittens. All kittens had been adopted by the time she was transferred to SPCA's care.

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Home Environment:

Moderately Active

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