SOOTY is a very friendly, talkative boy who likes to greet you at the door when you come home. He needs another playful, energetic male cat to bond and play with in his forever home.

Sooty is a spunky boy who needs plenty of space to explore. He loves to jump to high surfaces, run up and down stairs, and drink out of the sink if given the chance. He has a lot of energy and needs plenty of play time with his human buddies. Sooty loves cat nip toys, drinking fountains, scratching pads or posts, and string-like toys. He also likes to “hunt” his toys and hide in small, dark places to sleep.

When Sooty is in a quieter mood, he loves to look outside to watch the world go by. He is a sweet boy who “makes biscuits” into a furry blanket. Sooty enjoys head and chin scratches, but is touchy when you pet his tummy or back. He gets a little over-stimulated so its best to pet him on his head and chin.

Sooty was adopted out as a single kitten when he was about 8 weeks old. He hasn’t lived with another cat for long periods of time, but because of his high energy and friendly nature, he needs another male cat to bond and play with. He can get a little nippy if he’s left alone for periods of time because he’s not getting enough interaction or stimulation.

Sooty needs an adult home or older kids would be fine if they understand how to interact with an energetic cat. Sooty is truly a wonderful kitty who will keep you entertained.