URGENT: Melody needs foster home ASAP. She is an unspayed female living outdoors.

MELODY is a sweet skinny girl who desperately needs a foster home!  She is an unspayed female who is currently being fed and treated for an upper respiratory infection outdoors.  If we don’t get her indoors soon, she will get pregnant. We don’t need more kittens!

Melody showed up in someone’s backyard scared, skinny and looking for food. After a few days of being fed, it was clear that Melody was not a feral cat, but a sweet social kitty. We don’t know if she was lost or abandoned but she needs our help.

When inside the woman’s home for several hours for an in-home vet visit, Melody was very happy to be inside.  Because her caretaker has several cats, and this kitty is being treated for a URI, she can’t bring her inside. We are looking for a foster with no other cats. Or a home that has sufficient separation – such as a finished basement with a door – to separate Melody from resident cats.