Note: We are looking for two foster homes that can take 1) one kitten (who has an existing male cat), and 2) two kittens to be adopted as a pair. We will consider 3 separate foster homes for each kitten as long as the homes have a young male cat for each kitten to bond with.

DOBBIE, DASHER and DW are sweet, playful tabby brothers. They are a little shy with new people and need a patient caretaker who will give them a little time to settle in. They need feline companionship in their forever homes – with a sibling, a compatible SPCA cat or a friendly adult male cat to bond and play with. They absolutely adore their Big Brother ‘Floof.’ If you have a friendly adult male cat who loves other cats, they would bond with him in an instant.

DOBBIE (with beige spot on chest) has giant expressive eyes. When rescued, he looked so much like “Dobbie the House Elf” from Harry Potter that his rescuer gave him that name. Dobbie loves treats and is the first to run over for food in the morning. He adores chin scratches and petting, and meows until he gets them. Dobbie is an energetic young kitten and likes to rough house with his brothers.

DASHER (darkest in color and smallest) is the sweetest little tabby with beautiful green eyes. After a little while to warm up to you, Dasher crawls onto your lap and demands all your petting and attention. Dasher loves spring toys and entertains himself for hours chasing one around. He is the best of the trio at cuddling and has the biggest purr!

DW (biggest of the trio) is long and lean and loves to take naps belly up in the air. He loves to play, play and play and is good at entertaining himself. He has an independent streak and is the first to investigate new and interesting things to make sure his brothers are safe. DW’s favorite toys are long fabric string toys he plays with endlessly. DW is still learning to like being petted and cuddled so he needs someone with patience to show him the magic of a good chin scratch.

These boys need quiet homes without young children, or dogs, now or in the future. They also need experienced cat caretakers who know how to make kittens who are still a little timid feel safe and acclimate to a new environment. They will do best with a friendly male cat in their home who they can bond with like a big brother.

These boys were found huddled together under some trees along 4 Mile Run. The person who found them heard meowing from the woods as she walked by, so she meowed back. Seconds later Dobbie came bolting out to investigate. It took a little coaxing with beef jerky, but he was easy to pick up. The other brothers were coaxed out a little later with food.