His Personality

Blondel is a handsome boy. He is friendly toward people, but a little shy at first until he gets to know and trust you. Once he does, Blondel welcomes a good back scratch. He’s a bit more trusting of women than men when he hears a loud male voice. However, a man who has a calm and gentle demeanor would likely win him over.

Blondel is a playful boy who responds to a wand toy. He does well with other cats but can sometimes play a little too rough. He will need a young male to bond and play with in his forever home. A friendly, confident male cat can help Blondel adjust to his new surroundings. He LOVES sitting in front of the window watching the wildlife and other activities outdoors. A nice window for him to perch on will be a must in his home.

Type of Foster Home He Needs

Blondel needs a foster home, and permanent home, that is quiet and understands Blondel will need a little time to adapt. No young children, or dogs, now or in the future.

Where He Came From

Blondel was rescued from outdoors where he was living outside an apartment building. A kind man was feeding him and another cat, and letting them come inside his apartment. Because he wasn’t in a position to care for him, we agreed to take Blondel into our care.

Fostering Blondel

To consider fostering Blondel, send an email to spcanova@aol.com or submit a Cat Foster Application.