Adoption Pending

Primary Breed: Beagle

Mixed Breed: No

Gender: Female

General Age: Adult


Tippy –   4 yrs. Male 

18 pounds         

Ladybug  4 yrs. Female  15 pounds       

Tippy and Ladybug are siblings  who get along VERY well and have been together all their lives.  They will not do well as the only dogs in any household. We are seeking to adopt them together. 

Tippy and Ladybug are both very friendly and loving. 
Both dogs do fine 
crated overnight and are clean in their crates, They do not chew things inappropriately. They are great with other dogs and people of all sizes.  They would be great with an active family. They love to run in their fenced play areas.  Because they are very vocal when excited or see rabbits/squirrels, etc they would not do well in an apartment or condo..  

Tippy and Ladybug come from Southwestern Virginia where they were relinquished when their owner passed away. While Tippy and Ladybug were 


outside dogs , they were kept 

in an outside pen most of the time.  When they arrived they were covered in ticks. Tippy showed some soreness and
a Lymes test came back positive. He has been treated with a course of doxycycline and shows no lasting effects. 

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