Adoption Pending

Primary Breed: Labrador Retriever

Mixed Breed: Yes

Gender: Female

General Age: Young



  Spayed female

Birth date:

  approx. 12/2019

Size: 47 lbs

Cassie is a large, strong, bouncy,  puppy-energy dog.  She has been in a home where her caretakers were not able to give her the exercise she needed and they could not handle her energy level.

She has not had much experience playing with other dogs, but so far she is willing to try it.  She does, however, get easily overwhelmed and wants to leave the play area to be with humans We're working on this.

Cassie would do best in an active household.  She will need someone willing to continue obedience lessons with her as she is very willing to learn. She has not exhibited any food or object aggression and would probably do well with children  Due to her size and energy,though, toddler-aged children may not be a good fit.

Cassie will probably not do well in a household where she has to spend the day alone while folks are at work. She has had humans home with her all her life. Suddenly being alone could trigger anxiety behaviors.

Cassie was a stray puppy when she showed up at an older couple's home. They took her in, loved her and tried to keep her but due to their health issues, they felt she would do better in a household that could satisfy her need for exercise.

Special needs information:

Birth date:


OK with cats:

Current Size:

47.0 pounds

OK with dogs:


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