Adoption Pending

Primary Breed: Shih Tzu

Mixed Breed: Yes

Gender: Male

General Age: Senior


Bear is a sweet, playful, and friendly dog, as long as he feels safe. When he gets excited, he will
sometimes go on his hind legs and prance around like a dancing bear! He also loves tennis balls and somehow manages to play fetch with himself. He jumps into the air, throws the ball up, and then tries to catch it. It’s the cutest thing! If you ever want to get Bear’s attention or distract him, throw a tennis ball – he usually can’t resist chasing after it. When he’s on walks outside, he trots along with his human, sometimes darting back and forth and smelling everything and investigating the world with vigor. You’d think he was a much younger dog based on his energy and zest! 

But he’s also gentle, affectionate, and often mellow. When Bear’s not clowning around, he loves a good night in and some cuddle time. He’ll put his paws on your knees if you’re sitting in a chair and, if you let him, he’ll just hop right up into your lap and snuggle.   He is very good at waiting to be invited up on the furniture and will be happy to stay in his own cozy bed.

When you tell Bear not to do something, he listens quickly. For example, if a room in the house is off limits, you may see him looking over there with curiosity, but he rarely pushes the rule and will tend to stay out. Bear also knows to sit when you tell him to, and he loves showing people he cares about what a good job he can do. The treats he gets afterwards don’t hurt either! When Bear really wants a treat, he might sometimes walk up to you, sit, and stare at you with his big teddy bear eyes. Good luck resisting his charm!

With his history of  neglect, Bear has some special needs. When he gets scared or feels
unsafe, he can act out of anxiety. He may get panicky and begin chasing his tail around in circles. When he is this state of anxiety, he may bark or show aggression if pressured. Situations that make him anxious can be anticipated and managed, however. Bear needs a home that doesn't have a lot of  his anxiety triggers, is relatively quiet, and without children. 

When Bear came into rescue, his coat was completely overgrown. You should expect to need to groom him every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Thank you, Sharon, for being Bear's Guardian Angel.


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Current Size:

20 pounds

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