Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 01/2023

Needs feline companion:


Venus's Personality

Venus is an adorable, cuddly and energetic young kitty who loves to spend time with her foster family. She is named after the goddess of love because Venus loves being petted and snuggled. And, with fur as soft and silky as hers, you can hardly resist giving her chin scratches.

Venus has a healthy appetite for play and sometimes gets the zoomies, running around the house and entertaining everyone with her excitement. While Venus likes to curl up under beds or chairs during the afternoon, she always comes out if you call her, especially if it's dinner time! She spends most of the morning and evening out and about interacting with her foster family. Venus can get a tad bit overstimulated if she gets too excited by "mouthing" (but not biting) your fingers, but if you give her enough stimulation with toys, she is very calm and relaxed around people.

What Type of Home Venus Needs

Venus needs a home with a couple or family with kids who are looking for some serious companionship and have the time and patience to offer her as much love as she needs. We have not seen her interact with other cats. She seems happy in her foster home as the solo kitty because there are multiple people to give her attention.

Where Venus Came From

The sweet girl was found outdoors by a kind man who couldn't bear to see her wandering the streets in search of food and affection. He brought her inside then contacted SPCA NOVA for help finding her a safe indoor home.

Home Environment:

Moderately Active

OK with dogs:

OK with kids:


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