Gender: Female

Birth date: 06/2016

Needs feline companion: No


TWIX is a very sweet cat with lots of character. She also has the classic tortoiseshell attitude and sass! 

Twix enjoys a quiet, calm environment, with bouts of playtime with people. Her favorite toy is chasing after the ribbon on her cat wand. Twix greets her foster mom at the door with happy little chirps and loves to curl up on her lap when its available. She loves to be petted and purrs her heart out.

Twix also has a sassy side. This is partly her personality and partly because she was sadly declawed before coming into our care. Twix is very sweet and affectionate with people, but also has her limits on how much petting etc she enjoys. And because she is declawed, her first line of defense – her claws – have been taken away from her. So her response is to nip. Twix is good at giving warnings – like swishing her tail. So her caretaker just needs to be mindful of her limits and her signals.

Twix came into our care after being bounced around by a couple of different people. As far as we know, she has always been an only cat and the only pet in her households. She was initially fearful when coming into our care in her foster home, but pretty quickly realized she was safe and being cared for. Because of this, its important that Twix be the only pet in her forever home. Her foster mom has a cat who doesn't like other cats and two dogs so Twix has to be confined to one room. Twix is probably a little lonely but feels safe, secure and loved.  

Twix needs a quiet home with a loving, patient caretaker who is experienced with cats. She also needs a home without kids now or in the future. Her caretaker needs to understand what a sassy cat's personality is like and learn to read her cues. It will take Twix a little time to get use to a new caretaker and new home, but we have seen how sweet she is once she feels safe and secure. Twix is not shy and doesn't hide. She just needs time to get her bearings and assess the people around her. Her affection is the reward her caretaker will get in return and Twix is definitely worth the wait.


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