Gender: Male

Birth date: 03/2020

Needs feline companion: Yes


TURK, ELLIOTT and JD are friendly and affectionate with lots of kitten energy. They spend most of their day playing and pouncing on each other and then curling up together until they catch a second wind. They love to play with their foster family, especially when dangling toys are involved. When they are tired, they crawl into their foster mom's lap while purring for affection.

TURK (black, medium-haired, male) is has evolved into being the leader of the pack. So cute to see him venture off and his siblings following him. Turk's fur is a bit longer than his siblings and is very soft to the touch. He is an adorable fluff ball! Turk is very affectionate and starts purring as soon as he sees you the morning or when he's in your lap waiting to be petted. He always seems to be content, no matter the situation. Turk loves his food and is the first one at your feet once he hears the can open or smells the food. Turk is just as happy playing with his siblings as he is snuggling up next to his foster family watching whatever is going on in the room around him. Turk needs to be adopted with his brother, JD.

ELLIOTT (brown tabby, female) (ADOPTION PENDING!) is a friendly, affectionate little girl and the only girl in the litter with 4 brothers! Elliott has a very curious nature and loves attention and lets you know when she wants something — whether it's to be fed or to be picked up and held. Elliott is very content purring away in your lap but is easily distracted if something else might catch her interest – she doesn't want to miss out on anything! She loves to swat balls around on the floor and wrestle with her brothers and has become a master at pouncing on them when they least expect it.

JD (brown/white tabby, male) is a sweet, affection and quiet guy who is a tad bit more reserved than his siblings. Although it took JD a little more time to warm up, he is now completely comfortable with his foster family and being out and about in his foster home. JD loves to play with his siblings and foster family, especially when new toys are involved. He is often seen walking around with a fuzzy mouse toy hanging from his mouth. JD likes crawling into his foster mom's lap and rubbing his face against hers when he wants some attention and then sleeps curled up against her, especially if there is a fuzzy blanket for him to curl up in. JD needs to be adopted with his brother, Turk.

Turk and JD need a quieter home without young children now or in the future. An older child who is savvy about cats would be fine. The boys are use to a foster home with a middle-school aged boy who has helped foster quite a few kittens. These kittens were rescued, along with other two siblings (Pippin and Max – posted separately), after being found living with their mother under a deck of a neighborhood home.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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