Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 08/2011

Needs feline companion: No


TIGER is a beautiful calico girl with stunning green eyes. She is such a sweet girl who loves everyone. Just give her a little time to get settled into a new home. Tiger may initially hide from guests in your home, but warms up quickly when people talk softly and give her a little space. 

Tiger enjoys rubbing up against you to greet you. She also LOVES, LOVES, LOVES being brushed. She moves toward you when being brushed to guide you with her movements – that's how much she loves it! Tiger also approaches you when beckoned, and her tail points straight up when approaching you. This sweet girl also likes to knead and settle inside furry and soft blankets. She likes to lounge near you in the room when she's napping or just hanging out. To get your attention, she sometimes meows for food, to be brushed, or to play. 

Tiger likes having a daily routine of regular feedings, playtime and brushing. For play, she enjoys catching and chasing small paper balls within her reach, snagging pieces of dangling string, and investigating newly-positioned blankets and tunnels. Tiger likes to sit by sunny windows and watch the birds outdoors. Enticing Tiger to try new things is easy if you have a brush waiting for her after a small task to accomplish. 

Tiger needs a quiet home with no dogs or young children. Loud noises and sudden movements can startle her. She came into our care at 16 pounds, but is now a healthy 12 pound girl. She eats a wet food diet to help maintain her healthy weight. Because of possible food allergies, we recently switched her to special prescription food. Tiger has been an only cat in our care so we haven't observed her living with other cats. However, she previously lived in a cattery with several other cats and she was fine sharing her space with them. So she may do fine with another cat in her forever home who has a similar personality. Tiger is a patient, loving, soft and gentle kitty.

We are waiting Tiger's adoption fee due to her potential food allergies.

Home Environment:

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Special needs information:

Wet food only to maintain her ideal weight, and prescription to address possible food allergies.