Gender: Female

Birth date: 02/2021

Needs feline companion: Yes


Taffy and Gumdrop's Personalities

Taffy and Gumdrop are not siblings but have lived together for most of their lives. Both cats are VERY loving and affectionate with people, and adore being petted and cuddled by their foster parents. They are also both VERY playful, spending hours playing and chasing each other. They have a very strong bond and need to be adopted together.

TAFFY (grey tabby) is a tiny girl with an outgoing and confident personality. She is very affectionate and loves to be petted, but also has an independent streak. Taffy is curious and immediately explores her surroundings, adapts quickly to changes and new people. She often sleeps at the foot of her foster parents' bed at night. And while she is tiny, Taffy is also very energetic. She finally gets to be a kitten after rearing two litters of kittens. Taffy has been a great mom and is a good companion for her buddy, Gumdrop.

GUMDROP (brown tabby) is quite a bit bigger than Taffy. He will be a little reserved with new people in new surroundings but once he's settled his becomes your loyal companion. Gumdrop loves to follow his foster mom around to be petted and played with. This sweet boy is more needy than Taffy – he always wants to be in the same room with you or Taffy. Otherwise, he calls out for company. Gumdrop sleeps cuddled up with his foster mom every night.

What Type of Home They Need

Taffy and Gumdrop need a relatively quiet forever home where people are around to give them attention. They are use to having one or two people home during the day – either working from home or coming and going throughout the day. No dogs or young children now or in the future. An older cat-savvy child who knows how to be gentle with a shyer cat would be fine. If you are looking for loving and active kitties, this pair may be perfect for you.

Where They Came From

Taffy and Gumdrop's caretaker became ill and could no longer care for them. We took Taffy, Gumdrop and their four kittens into our care when the kittens were only 3 1/2 weeks old. Taffy and Gumdrop were separated into different foster homes for a couple of months until the kittens were weaned and have now been reunited.

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Moderately Active

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