Gender: Male

Birth date: 09/2021

Needs feline companion: Yes


SPIDER MONKEY and GOAT are friendly, rambunctious brothers who are sure to keep you on your toes. They are curious, fearless little warriors. They love to hunt, wrestle, pounce and chase each other. They are bonded and must be adopted as a pair.

SPIDER MONKEY (black/white tuxedo) is the biggest in this litter of 6 kittens. He's a brave boy who doesn't have a care in the world. He is curious about everything and plays with gusto. Even though this playful boy gets very busy, he always takes the time to greet you at the door, and jump in your lap to check you out. When he's not busy playing, he's sure to be in your lap.

GOAT (black and white with a mustache and goatee) is a bit smaller than his brother, Spider Monkey, but he's usually the first to burst through an open door or stick his head into something new. He's a brave little guy! Even though he's a bit smaller than his brother, that doesn't deter Goat from chasing and wrestling with him. Like his brother, he loves people and is quick to jump into your lap for some snuggling while he purrs away.

These boys need a home where they will get plenty of attention. They need a home with more than one person to keep them occupied. A family with a couple of older kids would be ideal. They need lots of playtime, a cat tree to climb and things to keep them busy.

These brothers came into our care with their four siblings via a small rescue organization in Southern VA. A kind man found them at 4 weeks of age outdoors. He nurtured and cared for them for a few weeks before transferring them to SPCA's care. They are extremely well socialized, having bonded with humans at a very early age.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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