Gender: Male

Birth date: 03/2022

Needs feline companion: Yes



Their Personalities

SKYY and LUCA are best buddies who want to be your best friend too. These adorable boys  do everything together – playing, grooming, napping, eating, and also vying for their foster mom’s attention. They love to climb onto their foster mom’s lap and purr non-stop when being petted. Skyy and Luca are a bonded pair who need to be adopted together.

SKYY is a bold and outgoing boy. He is super friendly and extroverted, and always up for a cuddle. He loves attention and human contact and is happy to take cuddles from anyone who’s offering, even if he just met you. He's a bit bigger and bolder than his partner-in-crime, his brother – Luca.

LUCA loves getting petting and attention just as much as his brother, but likes to ask for all the attention first. He prefers choosing to climb onto your lap for a cuddle, rather than being picked up . Luca also loves playing fetch. He brings toy mice to his foster mom then eagerly awaits for the mice to be thrown so he can race to retrieve them!

Type of Home They Need

Skyy and Luca are pretty adaptable and would be fine in a quieter or moderately active home, as long as they get plenty of attention. They are both good with other cats, and haven't been exposed to dogs. These boys haven't been around children, but they would be fine with older children who are cat-savvy, especially Skyy! Luca needs more gentle treatment – he loves receiving pets and playing with people, but is cautious about being picked up or held.

Where They Came From

These boys were discovered living outdoors of a nursing home by an SPCA volunteer. They were being handled by the staff and residents at this home – but this was no place for them to grow up. So, they were scooped up by our volunteer and brought to her home for safekeeping then moved to a foster home.

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