Gender: Male

Birth date: 07/2023

Needs feline companion: Yes


Simba and Jack's Personalities

These brothers sweet, loving, curious and playful…all wrapped up in balls of fur. They adapt easily to new people and new places and are even-tempered. They are easy to put into carriers and don't mind short car rides. They are very well-behaved but are, of course, curious and like to explore and get into things. When they are done playing and exploring, they like to curl up next to their foster mom and take a nap. These boys are a bonded pair who must be adopted together.

SIMBA is a bright orange fluffy tabby with big paws…he definitely has some growing to do! Simba is bolder and bigger than his brother, Jack, with a huge fluffy tail. Simba is bold and curious and likes to lead the way. He doesn't hesitate to get out and explore new people and new places. He approaches new people with ease…showing off his curious side. Simba loves batting toys around and playing chase with his brother.

JACK is a cute fluffy brown tabby with almond shaped eyes. He has a huge fluffy tail like his brother. Jack is very sweet and a tad bit shyer than his brother. He initially hangs back with new people for a few minutes to wait and see what's happening. Then he approaches you to check you out – putting his nose right up to your face to say 'hello.' He is utterly adorable! Like his brother Simba, Jack likes to bat toys around and chase his brother around.

What Type of Home They Need

These boys need a home with more than one person to give them plenty of love and affection. Their new home needs to be quiet to moderately active with caretakers who will give Jack a little time to settle in. They grew up in a home with older kids and would do fine with kids over about 10 years of age who know how to respect kitties as they settle in. They have not been exposed to dogs.

Where They Came From

These boys came from a loving home that surrendered them to SPCA because a child in the home is allergic to cats. They have known nothing but love and are looking for a new home that will cherish them.

PLEASE NOTE:  we only adopt to residents of the DC metro area, which includes DC, Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties in MD, and Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun Counties in VA.

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Home Environment:

Moderately Active

OK with dogs:

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