Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 01/2019

Needs feline companion: Yes


SHANI & OSHIE are a fluffy mom and son pair. While moms and kittens don't typically make a good pair, these two are an exception. They need each other and can only be adopted as a pair.

SHANI is a beautiful fluffy tabby with large green/yellow eyes. She likes to gaze at you intently when she first meets you. It feels like she may be staring into your soul or trying to melt your heart. Shani is very friendly and loves getting affection from you. She also likes to watch what’s going on outside so access to windowsills or a cat perch in front of a window goes a long way to keeping her happy.

Shani loves people and has a kind and gentle soul. She has a playful side, but prefers to be loved and petted. She especially enjoys scratches on her head, behind her ears or under her chin, sometimes rolling onto her back and exposing her belly. Shani enjoys some gentle belly rubs, but it’s the scratches on her head that get her purring. She likes to jump up next to you on the couch for some love. Shani also curls up to sleep on the couch while you are up and about and finds a nice cozy spot under your bed when you sleep at night. But when morning comes, she isn't shy about waking you up with a little meow.

OSHIE has come a long way since he first came into SPCA's care. He has a gorgeous little face and a beautiful fluffy coat like his mum. He is still learning to trust humans so Oshie can be a little shy while he’s getting to know someone new. Oshie is a curious boy who loves to explore. He's a playful ball of energy and playing with Oshie helps him overcome his shyness around people. Just pull out a string or wand or other toy and Oshie loses his shyness.

Oshie is learning the joy of being petted and scratched under his chin and napping in your lap. He needs patient caretakers who will give him time to build trust and get settled in. When Oshie at night, he is usually found in his corner of the couch or under the bed like his mum. He also loves watching the world from windowsills, inspired by Shani. Oshie likes to keep close to his mum and follows her around if she’s wandering around the apartment. But he’s also happy to curl up in a cat tree or play with you with a toy.

Shani and Oshie need a quiet home with a patient caretaker who has time to devote to bonding with these sweet, loving kitties. No young children now or in the future, or dogs. They will be a little shy at first in a new home as they get use to the new people and new sounds. While Oshie is the more playful one, Shani occasionally joins in the fun when she sees someone playing with Oshie. Sometimes they play together, but since Shani is still a bigger and wiser cat, she wins most of these play tackles and chases. They can be found grooming each other when they are in a more relaxed mood.They are a gorgeous duo who will be a wonderful addition to a welcoming and loving home.

These sweet kitties were found outdoors and have adapted well to the indoor life. Its clear that Shani use to be someone's indoor kitty before she and Oshie were rescued.

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