Gender: Male

Birth date: 03/2023

Needs feline companion: Yes


Santini and Ravioli's Personalities

These boys are the yin and yang of kittens. In many ways, they are opposites, but they fit together as a pair perfectly. They love to run around, wrestle, and nap together. They also like to groom each other, but that quickly turns into wrestling most of the time! They each came into our care alone. When introduced, they became fast friends. No longer alone, they are happy to have a buddy and can only be adopted as a pair.

Santini (Ragdoll-mix, long-haired) is a blue-eyed cutie with beautiful markings on his fluffy beige fur. Even though he is naturally a little shy, Santini is very loving and quick to purr when cuddled. He will need a little time to settle into a new home and on-going socialization to get him use to new things. Santini loves playing with string toys and hanging out in his cat condo.

Ravioli (black, medium-haired) is the most human-loving kitten you could ever meet. He is not shy about asserting his affection for you and shares head bumps and kisses with his foster mom. When it’s time for bed, Ravioli snuggles up on his foster mom’s chest and purrs himself to sleep.  He settles into a new home with ease.

What Type of Home They Need

These boys will do best in an adult only home with a couple. No roommate situations where people in the home change over time. A family with an older cat savvy child (over 12 yrs of age) could be ok. A single person home  is not enough people interaction for them. They need a lot of human affection and interaction. Santini needs nurturing to help him gain more confidence. Ravioli thrives on interacting with people. Their home should be quiet or moderately-active, not too much activity so Santini can feel comfortable settling in. No dogs and no other cats – they need to be the only pets in the home while they are still kittens and settling in.

Where They Came From

These boys were rescued from outdoors alone as younger kittens. Kind people came to their rescue and made sure they were safe until passing them on to SPCA. Now a bonded pair, we will be so happy once they find their forever home together.

PLEASE NOTE:  we only adopt to residents of the DC metro area, which includes DC, Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties in MD, and Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun Counties in VA.

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Slightly Active

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