Gender: Male

Birth date: 03/2021

Needs feline companion: Yes


Sammy's Personality

Sammy may take the prize for the sweetest tabby cat on the planet! He has the cutest big eyes when he looks up at you just begging to be loved. This sweet boy can't seem to get enough loving. He's also a gorgeous long and lean young tabby boy.

Sammy is a lap cat who adores curling up on your lap or beside you while you are reading or watching TV. He also loves to snuggle up with his caretakers at night. So allowing Sammy to sleep in your bed at night is a must.

Sammy is also a typical boy who likes to play. He needs a cat buddy in his forever home. Its not enough to just have human companionship. Sammy is not overly rambunctious though – he's a moderately playful cat who gets the zoomies in the evening when he loves to race around with his tail up in the air.

What Type of Home Sammy Needs

Sammy was initially a little timid when he first came into our care. He has blossomed into a confident kitty – adjusting to changes in his foster homes with ease. He hasn't been exposed to kids but would do great with an older well-behaved child or two. Sammy hasn't been exposed to dogs but may do ok with the right cat-friendly smaller sized dog.

Like most young male cats, Sammy needs a cat buddy to bond and play with. Its not enough to have human companionship. He doesn't need constant companionship with another cat and doesn't engage in rough play. Sammy adapted in a couple of days to the resident cats in his foster home. When he's alone, he cries and looks for a cat buddy to play with. If you don't have the right cat buddy already in your home, we may have a cat to pair up with him

Where Sammy Came From

Sammy came into our care after being rescued by a kind woman who found him abandoned outdoors with another cat, Sabrina (already adopted).

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Home Environment:

Moderately Active

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