Gender: Female

Birth date: 03/2022

Needs feline companion: No


Sabrina's Personality

Sabrina is an absolute doll! She is tiny girl with HUGE eyes and the confidence of a much bigger kitty. Sabrina settles into a new place with new people immediately…coming out of a carrier to explore her surroundings. She greets you at the door and welcomes you home by rubbing up against your legs asking where have you been?!?

Sabrina is also a sweet lap cat. Nothing makes her happier than laying by your side or in your lap. She came into our care pregnant with another cat, Sammy, presumably the father of her kittens. Because she was pregnant and has just weaned her kittens, Olive and Squash, we haven't had a chance to get to know her as a slimmer and solo kitty. We expect she will be quite playful, but not overly rambunctious. The short period of time we got to see her sharing space with Sammy, they seemed very happy together although at times Sammy wanted to play a bit rough with her.

What Type of Home Sabrina Needs

Sabrina needs a home where she will get plenty of interaction, petting and snuggling. She would do great in a home with a family with older kids. We don't know if she would be happy as an only kitty – although we would consider this if she was adopted into a home with a family with older kids. Kids who would play and snuggle with her. Sabrina would probably do well with another like-minded cat. She could also be adopted with Sammy who she grew up with. They are currently in separate foster homes but we think after an introduction to each other they would do just fine as a pair.

Where Sabrina Came From

Sabrina came into our care after being rescued by a kind woman who found her abandoned outdoors along with another cat, Sammy (posted separately).

Fostering Samantha

Samantha is in a temporary foster home. If you would like to consider fostering Samantha until she is adopted, send an email to

PLEASE NOTE:  we only adopt to residents of the DC metro area, which includes DC, Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties in MD, and Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun Counties in VA.

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Moderately Active

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