Gender: Male

Birth date: 09/2023

Needs feline companion: Yes


Puff's Personality

Puffkin (aka Puff) is the fluffiest, puffiest, ball of fur with a personality to match. He is a little shy with new people and new things but once he's comfortable, he is friendly and social with people. When it’s time to cuddle, he curls up in your arms and purrs away and then drifts off to sleep as if on a DreamPuff cloud.

We are working hard to socialize Puff with other cats. The two cats in his foster home aren't a very good match for him – one female doesn't like other cats, and the other is a teenage male, another foster named Lynx. They do play together but need to be monitored because Lynx is extremely rambunctious and twice Puff's size. We are looking for a forever home with either another kitten or a gentle but playful adult cat.

This fluffball has a big ego, and is bold and brave when testing his acrobatic abilities. He climbs up a sisal cone just to perch at the top or to jump up onto a table. Puff likes to swing back and forth on a sisal scratcher hanging from a door knob, chase ping pong balls and wrestle with catnip toys. These antics will give you and Puff ‘n Stuff hours of entertainment.

Little Puff n' Boots loves to be gently groomed to fluff up his look to the max. His purrfect pink nose is a super cute feature too. When he is at his puffiest you can barely see his little white feet underneath all the fluff!

What Type of Home Puff Needs

Puff needs a home with a gentle and experienced cat caretaker who understands he may be a little shy at first, and knows how to nurture his confidence when introducing him to new people and new things. Puff is very attached to his foster mom and needs more exposure to other people. He needs a home with an adult couple or a family with an older child (12 or older) who understands how to handle a kitten that needs nurturing. No young children or dogs. He also needs a home with a friendly, moderately playful kitten or gentle young cat.

Where Puff Came From

Puff was rescued from outdoors. He was living in an apartment complex with dozens of stray and feral cats. He's a lucky boy to find his way into SPCA's care.

PLEASE NOTE:  we only adopt to residents of the DC metro area, which includes DC, Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties in MD, and Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun Counties in VA.

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