Gender: Female

Birth date: 05/2021

Needs feline companion: Yes


POM POM and JEREMIAH are an adorable and interesting pair! Their foster mom says they are 'as thick as thieves'! They are not siblings but have become great buddies in their foster home – playing with each other and curling up and sleeping next to each other. They are bonded and need to be adopted as a pair.

POM POM is an adorable dilute calico – grey, creme and white. She is very sweet, active and playful. Nothing holds her back and she's not afraid of anything! Pom Pom jumps into life with gusto…watch out! This girl is curious and ready to help with everything even sweeping the floor. She likes to jump and climb and her favorite pastime is mealtime. Pom Pom is amusing to watch. She also likes to snuggle up right in your personal space to nap when she's worn herself out. And she really enjoys watching bird videos and any other videos with lots of motion. This girl is going to need her own smartphone with limited data so she can occupy her time watching videos!

JEREMIAH has very unique coloring. His face and tail are black but his body is a dark smokey grey with specks of lighter grey fur. Jeremiah enjoys climbing into cloth boxes as well as up cat trees and the back of the couch. He likes to be petted under his chin and falls asleep on you while being petted. Jeremiah is a good hider and is very stealthy. When he’s worn out nothing wakes him from his nap. Watching ceiling fans and birds on television are some of his favorite pastimes.

Pom Pom and Jeremiah will do well in a moderately active home that is ready for very active kittens. Older kids who know how to handle rambunctious kittens would be fine. Pom Pom was  rescued from outdoors with her mom on a rural road. Jeremiah came into our care with his mom, Roxanne, and two siblings (Ophelia and Mick – posted separately) from a shelter along with 4 orphaned kittens.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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Moderately Active

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