Gender: Male

Birth date: 05/2016

Needs feline companion: No


OSCAR is a friendly, social kitty who can be a little temperamental. He is not shy at all, but will need a little time and space when settling into a new home. Until recently, Oscar was paired up with his sister, Julia (posted separately). However, over time these siblings have become less compatible and are happier as single kitties in separate homes. Oscar needs to be the only kitty in his forever home.

Oscar has incredibly soft fur which feels like silk when you pet him, and has beautiful sea green eyes. He has a sweet personality and loves to cuddle when he's in the mood. Oscar likes to look out windows to watch what's happening outside. He also likes to play but prefers interactive play with people rather than initiating play on his own. He seems to need his prey to move around on its own…wave a cat dancer around and Oscar will go nuts! Even though Oscar is generally sweet, he can get a little testy with a nip or swat if you pet him when he doesn't want to be petted or just wants to be left alone. So no children now or in the future for this boy.

Oscar has food and/or environmental allergies that cause bumps on his neck and chest. He's under the care of a veterinary dermatologist and is being treated with hypo-allergenic food and medication (Atopica). Since being on this combination, Oscar has had no outbreaks. Oscar is a food hound and gobbles up his liquid medication without even knowing it, so medicating this boy is easy.

Oscar needs an adult-only home since he can be a bit temperamental. He needs a patient and experienced cat caretaker who lets him settle in and do his own thing until he acclimates. Oscar needs space to feel comfortable initially and to know that he's safe and secure in his own territory. Once Oscar settles in, his true personality emerges. Oscar has very strong food and prey drives so lots of toys, interaction and games and meals on a regular schedule keep him happy.

We are waiving the adoption fee for Oscar due to his allergies.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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Moderately Active

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Special needs information:

Oscar has allergies that are 100 percent controlled with special food and medication