Adoption Pending

Gender: Male

Birth date: 04/2019

Needs feline companion: Yes


OLLIE (short for Olivander) is a very playful, curious cat! He has the silkiest, shiniest black coat with a white chin, belly, and little socks. He loves to eat and is growing fast!

Ollie loves to run around and play with toys, and then lies down next to you for a cuddle or a nap. He loves to explore, get into new things, and check out whatever you’re doing. As a young cat, Ollie is often very active, zooming through the house.

Once he’s tired himself out, Ollie loves cuddling with anyone who will have him. Ollie is quite chatty in the morning but otherwise usually only gives an occasional meow. He is a big momma’s boy, but quickly adapts to new places and people. Ollie is good with things like taking medicine and getting his nails clipped, and doesn’t squirm or fuss. Though he hasn’t tasted any, he’s very intrigued by human food so make sure you don't leave any out for him to get into!

Though Ollie is good at entertaining himself, he needs another young cat who also loves to play. He will do great in any type of home, with or without kids, as long as he gets plenty of people time, has room to run around and play and interact with another cat.

Ollie was a stray kitty found wandering outside.

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Highly Active

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