Adoption Pending

Gender: Male

Birth date: 03/2016

Needs feline companion: Yes


ODIE and POOKIE are super sweet brothers. They got their names from characters in the Garfield cartoon. They are laid-back and love cuddling with each other and hanging out with their foster family. These boys are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

ODIE (grey and white tabby) is a sweet and inquisitive guy. He will be a little shy initially but with a little patience, he warms up to show is true self. Odie is the first to investigate new surroundings and to get use to new people. He likes to follow you around to see what you are up to. When he wants love and attention, he makes sure to let you know! Odie jumps in your lap and nudges your hand until he gets all the scratches and snuggles he wants.

POOKIE (orange and white tabby) has the softest fur ever! He is a tad bit shyer than his brother, Odie. He hangs back to observe what's going on when he's around new people, but warms up with just a little bit of time and encouragement. Once he's comfortable, Pookie sits on your bed and enjoys long petting sessions. Pookie loves to play with toys and enjoys being brushed. Pookie also loves snuggling with his brother and warms up to new people with just a little time.

These boys need a quiet home with a patient caretaker who will give them a little time to settle in. They were recently returned to our care when a sudden family emergency caused their family to give them up. They were adopted into a home as kittens with two kids and an older dog. The 9 year old boy in the family was the 'cat whisperer' who was very bonded with them. However, Pookie and Odie need a different type of home now. They are a little sad, scared and confused since being returned to our care. Their new home needs to be adults-only or a home with an older cat-savvy child would be fine.

Pookie and Odie are big cats. We have been working on slimming them down a little to their ideal weights with a healthy weight maintenance diet. Odie is now 12 1/2 pounds – his ideal weight. And Pookie is about 13 pounds – very close to his ideal weight of 12 1/2 pounds like his brother.

These boys came into our care initially as kittens along with their siblings – Garfield, Jon, Squeak and Nermal.

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