Adoption Pending

Gender: Male

Birth date: 08/2020

Needs feline companion: Yes


Norris's Personality

Norris is the friendliest kitty you will ever meet! He loves to chat with you and is a world champion purr machine. His foster parents especially love his giant ears and paws which make him so handsome. Norris is an all around great cat who settles into a new home right away.

Whether it’s when he comes to the door to greet you and give you a little chirp, or when he rolls over so you can pet his soft belly, this awesome cat is ready to give and receive love. Norris's nickname has become "Shadow" because he follows you everywhere to check out what you are doing and sometimes asking for attention. Belly rubs are his favorite type of petting, followed closely by chin rubs and arm stretches. He loves to stretch out and purr right next to you and sleep at the foot of your bed at night. When you stir in the morning, he quickly wakes up to greet you.

Norris is also super playful as expected with most young male cats. He is good at entertaining himself with toys but he also enjoys interactive play with you. He needs dedicated playtime with his caretakers.

What Type of Home Norris Needs

Norris needs a home where he will get plenty of attention from his caretakers. He needs either a couple or a family with kids. We haven't seen him interact with other cats or dogs but he would probably be fine with either.

Where Norris Came From

Norris was a stray kitty that showed up in someone's backyard looking for food and a safe haven. After months of being fed, and no caretaker found, it seems Norris had been lost or abandoned.

Home Environment:

Moderately Active

OK with dogs:


OK with kids:


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