Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 05/2013

Needs feline companion: No


MAYA is a beautiful, fluffy tortoiseshell whose coat is as soft as silk. She is a sweet, friendly girl who also has an independent streak. She will take a little time to get use to new people and new surroundings. Once she does, Maya will ask for love and affection.

Maya has a soft, raspy meow she uses every time she sees you. She understands her name and usually responds with a meow when you call her. Maya likes to talk to you in the morning and evening to let you know she needs something – a meal or some attention. Maya likes being petted, especially on her head, and is ok with being brushed. Like most cats, she likes watching what’s going on outdoors so it’s important she has one or more good comfortable spots in front of windows.

Maya likes to explore and is a little playful during the day in between naps. She likes to have a favorite spot to curl up in during the day – a sunny spot or sometimes next to you on the couch. At night, she usually curls up next to you although Maya is a night owl. She may sleep with you in cycles, but then gets up to play with toys on her own. Maya needs caretakers who let her in the bedroom at night knowing she may wake up, want a little attention then play on her own. She doesn’t like having the bedroom door shut. She will paw and meow at the door.

Maya needs a fairly quiet, low-key home environment. No young children or dogs now or in the future. We haven’t seen her interact with other cats but we know she’s been a single cat for the past few years. So being the only cat in her forever home is best for her. Maya had lived with an elderly couple for the past few years. She came into our care, via a local vet office, after her caretakers passed away.

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Slightly Active

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