Gender: Female

Birth date: 02/2014

Needs feline companion: No


Maia's Personality

Miss Maia is more teddy bear than cat! She is like a living stuffed animal, so soft and cuddly. Maia is a gentle cat – wanting petting on her belly or under her chin. She enthusiastically welcomes nightly brushing which makes her coat silky, soft and beautiful. Maia adapted after a few days to her foster home. She greets new people with ease and came out of her shell easily. Maia needs to be the only pet in your home – she deserves to be pampered for once in her life!

Maia is a wonderful companion. She likes being in the same room with you, whether it’s sitting next to you on the couch as you watch TV or laying on your chest in the morning. At night, she typically sleeps at the foot of your bed. Maia responds to catnip and likes to chase treats like a real hunter. She is a very well-behaved girl – only scratching her cardboard scratcher. Her favorite activity is watching birds out the window and then taking a nap. She is a super low-maintenance cat who loves people. Maia has a very relaxed attitude which makes the whole house calm. Her foster mom says "she's the best!"

Maia is a big girl who needs to lose weight. She came to us weighing over 14 lbs and after about a month in our care, on a wet food-only diet, she has already lost a pound. Her ideal weight is about 11 lbs. Maia is otherwise a healthy girl, who just got a clean bill of health following dental care. Her forever family needs to be diligent about continuing her weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight once she reaches her goal. An SPCA volunteer purchased a pet scale as a gift to Maia and this scale will go along with Maia to her new family.

What Type of Home Maia Needs

Maia needs a home where she gets plenty of attention and people are around to keep her company. Maia is not demanding of attention, but thrives on hanging around with people. Her foster home is quiet with two adults who mostly work from home. Her previous home had a family with a couple of kids. So Maia is very adaptable to different situations.

Where Maia Came From

Maia originally came into our care as a young cat because family members in the home had allergies to cats. She was adopted out to a loving family and recently returned to our care for the same reason – an elderly family member was moving into the home who has allergies to cats. Maia has known nothing but love in her life, but this time she needs a home that will truly be her forever home.

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Needs prescription food for weight loss and management