Gender: Female

Birth date: 02/2014

Needs feline companion: No


MAIA is a sweet, cuddly cat with a penchant for warm laps. She adjusts to new environments quickly with lots of love and attention. Maia is very easy going and talkative. She greets you as soon as you return home. She is very social and enjoys getting attention from guests too.

Maia LOVES cuddling with people, getting pets from everyone and especially enjoys headbutting your hands. Curling up with you on the couch is her favorite pastime. At night, she loves to be on the bed with you and sometimes cuddles with you on your chest to keep you warm and kneads all your troubles away. Her purr warms you right up. Brush Maia and she will be your loving and loyal companion for life.

Maia loves to play with toys she can chase and anything with good catnip – she likes to be on the prowl and grab her 'prey.' She loves using her cardboard scratching pad and never uses the furniture. And, sometimes she chases her own tail!

Maia needs a home where she will get plenty of attention. She needs to be the only cat in your home with one or more people who are home enough to keep her company. Maia needs more company than, for example, a home with a single person who works outside the home 5 days a week. She is use to a quieter household, but also does well with activity. A home with older kids would be great for Maia.

Maia is very food motivated and will over eat if given the chance. So its very important that she is on a healthy diet where portions are controlled. She started a new diet in late November 2019 – a combination of canned and dry food. She needs to lose about 3 pounds to get to a healthy 11 1/2 pounds.

Maia was adopted out from SPCA about 5 years ago. She has come back into our care because of increasing 'disagreements' with the other cat in her home. Maia really needs to be the only kitty in your home where she is lavished with love and affection. She doesn't like to share her humans with another cat!

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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