Gender: Female

Birth date: 09/2020

Needs feline companion: No



Note: Luna needs an experienced cat caretaker.

Luna's Personality

Luna is a friendly, playful cat. She has sparkling two-tone green eyes and ivory accented tabby stripes that remind you of her wildcat ancestors. These characteristics perfectly suit her sassy personality. Luna likes to let you know what kind of mood she is in – all you have to do is ask – and she responds with a wide array of feline vocalizations.

Luna greets you, and visitors, at the door. She is very social and loves to be the center of attention. Most days she is high energy and leaps through the air to catch a flying ribbon on a string. Hide-and-go-seek and laser mouse tag are her other favorite party games. She entertains herself by chasing ping pong balls or fleece mice stuffed with catnip that she discovers hiding throughout her territory. Luna also loves to watch squirrels and chipmunks outdoors through windows or glass doors.

Luna loves to be in the same room where you are during the day. She may sit on your desk right on top of your papers to see what you are doing. Or hop into your lap and faintly purr to her heart’s content while you scratch all around her ears and under her chin. At night, Luna sleeps right alongside you on top of the bed covers. When she is ready to rouse in the morning she walks on top of you and wakes you up with a kiss on the nose!

What Type of Home Luna Needs

Luna needs to be the ONLY pet in an adult-only home, with an experienced cat caretaker who understands, and actually enjoys, her spunky behavior. She was spotted living outdoors as a young kitten wearing a collar. So she belonged to someone, at some point. However, she appears to have been lost or abandoned. A kind man fed her for months…trying to gain her trust and finally lured her inside with a trail of cat treats. He formed a strong bond with Luna but couldn’t keep her because she didn’t do well with his own cat.

While living outdoors, Luna learned defensive behaviors to protect herself. She is quick to hiss or growl if she feels threatened, but this behavior quickly subsides when you give her some space and she hears your calm reassuring voice. Luna loves to be scratched around her ears, but is sensitive to being touched on her paws, belly and hindquarters. Her foster mom is making great progress getting Luna to feel comfortable with having her claws trimmed. A quick game of laser mouse tag is a good way to follow-up with positive reinforcement.

Where Luna Came From

Luna is a truly remarkable little survivor who was a stray kitty living outdoors. Thanks to the guy who wouldn’t give up on her, she is now living safely indoors, enjoying a life without threats lurking around her. She will keep you entertained and provide you with years of companionship.

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