Gender: Female

Birth date: 02/2019

Needs feline companion: No


LUNA is a beautiful long and lean 'teenager' who loves to play and interact with people. She is very sweet and adapted easily to a recent change in her foster home – from a one person foster home to a family with older teenage kids.

Luna is super soft with interesting black fur – it has a scattering of silver tips on the end of her black fur. She is lean and lanky and not a big eater. Luna is still growing and will likely grow into a very sleek kitty with beautiful green-yellow eyes.

Luna is a perky, spunky kitty. She loves to play with toys and is quite a ball player. Her play is pretty subdued through – she is moderately playful, not rambunctious. Initially a little timid, Luna has adapted to the noises and volatility of a busy household. She even brings you toys to play with her! Her hearing is very keen and she pulls her ears back when there are loud noises.

Not content to play all day, Luna loves to sit in the window watching the world outdoors. She is also very cuddly. When you pick her up, she melts into your arms and leans in. Similarly, she flops against you on the couch or in bed, loudly purring and nuzzling you. She has a quiet meow – you just might have to bend down to hear her.

Luna needs a home where she will get plenty of interaction with people. She can be adopted as an only cat IF her home has more than one person (such as with a couple or family with older kids) where people are home at least part of the day. Luna does fine with older kids, but would not do well in a home with young children or where the home may have babies or young children down the road. If Luna is adopted by a single person, there needs to be another like-minded kitty for her to bond and play with. While we haven't had the opportunity to foster Luna in a home with another cat, she was introduced briefly to a resident cat in her other foster home. Luna was curious and didn't hiss. She was comfortable with the other kitty in 'her room.'

Luna is an amazingly loving kitty who had a very rough beginning to her life. She came into our care emaciated with fleas and ticks. At the time, she weighed only 3 1/2 pounds – about 2 pounds underweight as a five month old kitten. We don't know how she ended up outdoors sick and malnourished, but she's a lucky girl she was found by a former SPCA foster parent and adopter. Safely in our care, Luna is ready for a home of her own!

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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