Adoption Pending

Gender: Male

Birth date: 08/2020

Needs feline companion: Yes


DAHLIA'S kittens are all extremely friendly. They love to be around people and eagerly greet you when you visit them in their kitten room. As much as they love people, they also like to play with each other. They are full of energy and always looking for a human or feline playmate. We are pairing up the kittens as follows for adoption purposes.

LULU and PUMPKIN (Adoption Pending!)

–Lulu (calico/tortoiseshell) is the only girl in the litter, and is smaller than her brothers. But that doesn’t stop her at all – she’s eager to take any of them on in a game of “attack your sibling.” Like her brother Caramel, she has an adventurous streak and isn't afraid of anything. Lulu is eager to explore her entire foster home when given the chance.

–Pumpkin (orange tabby) is a sweet boy whose purr motor rivals his brother, Butter. While Pumpkin is very playful, he's a little less rambunctious than his brothers, Butter and Caramel. His foster mom says Pumpkin is 'in the middle of the pack' in terms of activity level.

BUTTER and CARAMEL (Adoption Pending!)

–Butter (buff tabby) is the first of the litter to hop into your lap, often ending up doing a headstand because he is so eager. You can hear him coming though, because his purr is so loud. As loveable as he his, Butter is still a rough and tumble kitten, climbing everything and everyone around him.

–Caramel (orange and white tabby) is the most outgoing of the litter. He has to see what is going everywhere, and is eager to get out of his room and explore his foster home. Although a quarter their size, he is not intimidated by the larger resident cats! These kittens need homes where their people have plenty of time to interact and play with them. They would do great in a home with a couple or a family with older kids.

These kittens were born in our care. Their mom, Dahlia, came into our care about half way through her pregnancy. She was acquired by a kind woman who got her from a friend of a friend only to find out once Dahlia was in her care that she was pregnant. Stunned at the prospect of needing to find homes for a littler of kittens, she asked for SPCA's help. So we took Dahlia into our care and about a month later she gave birth to these kittens plus a 5th kitten, Caramel. He is being paired up with another kitten in our care named Orion.

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