Gender: Female

Birth date: 12/2023

Needs feline companion: Yes


Lucy's Personality

Lucy is a charming calico kitten with a great personality. She is easy-going, quick to purr, and incredibly sweet and social. Lucy always wants to be with people. If her foster parents are sitting, she is either playing nearby, or adjusting herself to find the most comfortable position to curl up near or on them. If they are propped up in bed reading, her favorite thing is when they bend their knees under the covers, creating a “tent” she can crawl into. If they are sleeping, she is inevitably right there on top of the bed too. If she is not sure where the people are, she calls out and comes running when she hears her name.

Lucy is playful without being aggressive. Her favorite games are running and chasing. She loves to follow a laser pointer, chase a ball around the house, and go dashing through a crinkly cat tunnel. She also likes to play with pens and pencils and hides them under the edges of rugs. She’s definitely still a kitten, and needs to be reminded not to jump on counters or scratch the rug. But she’s also good at using a scratching pad, and often the reason for getting on the counter is to knock down a pen – so hiding the pens or pencils where she can find them deters her from jumping on counters.

Lucy is very curious and never met a small space or open door she didn’t want to enter. She enjoys hiding in bags, boxes and cubby holes, but given her social nature, she never hides for too long. She has been known to jump into the shower after the water has been turned off, crawl behind the trash bins when the drawer is pulled out and climb into the pantry when someone is getting a snack. So it is always important to know where Lucy is before you close a door!

Type of Home Lucy Needs

Lucy needs an active home with more than one person AND a young female cat to bond and play with. She is an inquisitive girl who thrives on activity. She hasn't been exposed to children or dogs but would likely do fine with both. If you don't already have a young female cat at home, consider adopting Lucy along with another young cat in our care named Gabby. They haven't met but we think they would make a great pair.

Where Lucy Came From

Lucy came into our care after a kind person rescued her and her siblings from a hoarding situation when she was a younger kitten. Lucy was friendly and social from the start so although her beginnings were not ideal, she was clearly socialized from an early age.

PLEASE NOTE:  we only adopt to residents of the DC metro area, which includes DC, Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties in MD, and Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and Loudoun Counties in VA.

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Home Environment:

Moderately Active

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