Gender: Male

Birth date: 05/2019

Needs feline companion: Yes


LEO & SMOKEY are sweet, loving ‘kissing cousins!’ They are moderately active, loving and affectionate kittens.

Note: Leo and Smokey are good buddies in their foster home and can be adopted as a pair. Or, Leo can be adopted separately along with another like-minded kitty, such as Odie, or into a home with a compatible young male cat. If Leo gets adopted separately, Smokey will be adopted by her foster mom.

LEO (male, orange/white tabby, long-haired with fluffy tail) is a sweet, affectionate, playful kitty. He was initially very shy when first rescued, but has overcome his shyness with the help of his three cousins, Bootsie, Bandit and Smokey. Leo is now secure and confident and typically walks with his tail straight up in the air. He loves playing with his buddy, Smokey, and spending time with his foster mom’s large adult male cat. Although Leo is a little bigger than Smokey, when they wrestle he doesn’t over do it and knows when she has had enough. Leo also has an independent streak and likes to chill by himself in his favorite bed or cat tree. He’s also content to just look out the window.

SMOKEY (female, grey, medium-haired with fluffy tail) is a mama’s girl. She has a sleek lean body with silky fur and a fluffy tail. She likes to be talked to and cuddled and often just flops down on the floor so you can rub her belly. Smokey sleeps next to you or snuggles under the covers if given the chance. She’s a talker and won’t hesitate to let you know she is hungry or wants attention. Smokey likes to jump after the laser pointer or wand toy, and is quite the acrobat. She also likes a good tumble with her buddy, Leo, or just sitting and looking out the window. Although Smokey can be shy with new people, she quickly warms up and is becoming more outgoing every day.

Leo and Smokey need a relatively quiet to moderately active home. An adult home or a home with an older child or two, who are use to being around young cats, would be fine. They have been exposed to an adult male cat and gentle Golden Retriever in their foster home and have done fine with them. So a friendly cat and gentle cat-friendly dog would be ok in their forever home.

Leo and Smokey were rescued from outdoors as younger kittens, along with Smokey’s sisters – Bootsie and Bandit – by their foster mom who went searching for kittens after rescuing other kittens in the same neighborhood last year.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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Moderately Active

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