Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 04/2018

Needs feline companion: No


LENA is a very petite, friendly and curious young cat with bright yellow eyes. She adapted very quickly to her foster home trusting new people almost immediately. Lena doesn't shy way from noises and tends to want to check things out. She welcomes petting and LOVES playtime.

Lena loves spending most of her day near people, curling up on a blanket near you. Or sitting on the windowsill, observing the world outside. After a while, she comes to check on you – sometimes for a nice pet or to jump into your lap for a snooze. When Lena is looking for affection or play, she uses her bright beautiful eyes to purrsuade you! It doesn’t take much to get her purring, and she might even roll over to let you rub her belly. If you are working on the computer, she might get curious about what’s on your desk or screen, so be prepared for some paws on the keyboard! At night, Lena settles down with her humans sitting by the bed or jumping onto the bed to sleep. She has also been found in a drawer under the bed if she's looking for a good uninterrupted place to sleep.

Lena is quiet girl and happiest when she is near people. She has the tiniest little meow that is barely more than a squeak, but you may hear it when feeding her or when she’s coming to say hello. Lena is also playful and extremely energetic. Her favorite playtime activities are running after the laser pointer or jumping in the air to catch toys on a string. She prefers interactive play with people rather than amusing herself with her own toys. However, Lena recently got a new battery operated laser toy which she loves and it comes in handy when you need Lena to entertain herself!

Lena can be a little nippy when you play with her or when she's trying to get your attention. This generally means a cat needs more interactive play from humans and/or needs a feline friend. When Lena's foster parents moved back to Australia, we moved her into a foster home with a three year old male cat named George (an SPCA alumni). Its hard to tell if Lena really wants/needs a cat buddy because George is not happy she is there! So we are open to a forever home without another cat but that home would need to have at least two people or a family with an older cat-savvy child. She is not a candidate for a one person home with no other cat. She has too much pent up energy and takes that energy out in playfully aggressive ways.

Lena is a picky eater who prefers wet food although she will eat a little bit of high fiber dry food when left out to munch on. She gets one capsule of Vetasyl (fiber) a day mixed with her wet food to prevent constipation. She needs to continue Vetasyl and her caretakers need to be diligent about monitoring her stools for any future adjustments to her diet.

Lena is a truly wonderful kitty who is ready for a home to call her own.

Home Environment:

Moderately Active

OK with dogs:

OK with kids:


Needs a foster:


Special needs information:

Needs Vetasyl (fiber) mixed in her wet food with each meal to prevent constipation.