Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 03/2022

Needs feline companion: Yes



Latte and Espresso are sweet, loving, playful and amazing kittens. They are bonded sisters and must be adopted as a pair.

Latte is a cute brown/white tabby. She is more outgoing than her sister, Espresso. She loves playing and faces threats such as the sock under the bed with utmost confidence! When Latte is not fending off anything she encounters – such as a phone charger or clothes tossed on the floor – she is a total lovebug. When you walk into the room, Latte is the first to come up and rub all over your legs. She especially loves getting her belly rubbed.

Espresso is an equally cute all black kitten, with a few white hairs on her chest. She is a bit more reserved than Latte. Espresso always waits for her bolder, more confident sister, Latte, to act first before following in her footsteps. Once Espresso gets use to you and realizes you are friendly, she spends hours sitting in your lap, a total limp doll. Espresso loves to play with strings and balls and spends endless hours playing with them.

What Type of Home They Need

These girls need a quieter home with a cat-savvy caretaker who understands it will take them a little time to acclimate to a new environment. Once they are comfortable in their surroundings, watch out! These girls will entertain you for hours and lounge in your laps. Their foster home has two girls (ages 12 – 15 yrs) who dote on them endlessly. They need an adult-only home, with no babies or young children down the road. Or, a home with an older, calmer cat-savvy child would be great.

Where They Came From

These girls were rescued while living under someone's porch along with their siblings (Boots, Buttons and Batman – to be posted separately) and their friendly mamma, Samantha. They were in the care of another rescue organization who asked for SPCA's help finding them homes. Samantha and the other three kittens will be posted shortly.

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