Adoption Pending

Gender: Male

Birth date: 06/2020

Needs feline companion: Yes


JUPITER and JUNO are sweet siblings who play, snuggle and depend on each other. They are bonded and need to be adopted together.

JUPITER is a Siamese-mix with pretty ice blue eyes (like his cousin, Aurora – posted separately). He’s a shy boy who is learning to trust his foster family as much as he trusts his sister, Juno. Jupiter is making great progress and, though shy, he craves love and affection from his foster family. After a good night’s sleep with Juno and his foster ‘sister’ (cat savvy teenage girl), Jupiter wakes them up with kisses. He has thick, lush fur and a solid frame. Jupiter loves playing with Juno and the teenager in his foster home.

JUNO, like a moon, runs circles around her shyer brother, Jupiter. She is an outgoing, gregarious little girl with a love of wand toys and has a massive purr. Juno likes to snuggle with her foster ‘sister’ (cat savvy teenage girl) and her brother at bedtime. Juno seems to always have an eye on her less confident brother – always looking out for him. She is a tabby with a little white nose, feet and bib that makes her look perfectly girly. Juno is playful like her brother and sometimes jumps in to join the fun if her brother is getting all the attention.

Jupiter and Juno need a quiet home with a patient, cat-savvy caretaker who understands that Jupiter will take a little time to settle in. He is making great progress with his foster family and his forever family need to keep nurturing his confidence. These kitties also need a home that is ‘settled’ without frequent moves or expected life changes such as babies or young children down the road.

Jupiter and Juno were born in a kind elderly man's home after he brought several female cats into his apartment to save them from being poisoned. Two of these cats were pregnant and had their kittens, including Jupiter and Juno, inside his home. With so many cats to care for, this man asked for help rehoming some of them.

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