Gender: Male

Birth date: 03/2016

Needs feline companion: No


Note: Jax needs a new foster home in early August 2019. Read about becoming a foster parent:

JAX is a friendly, loving and playful boy (a big Maine Coon-mix!). All he really wants is: a full belly; a safe, quiet environment (no dogs or young kids); 2-3 play-times and cuddle-times per day; and views of critters outside. Jax has gorgeous long fur that's gray with a cream-colored undercoat. He has huge paws, a massive head, and an incredibly fluffy tail.

When Jax stands on his hind legs he can place his paws and chin on kitchen or bathroom counters. For such a big cat, Jax is very agile, quick, and athletic. He is very energetic and enthusiastic and loves to play, chase, and jump with all sorts of toys, especially his wand toys and play mat. He is good at entertaining himself and responding to interactive play with humans. Jax is gradually figuring out how much fun the laser pointer (red dot) can be. Jax also has very expressive eyes and a large vocabulary – it is easy to figure out what he is feeling and what he wants. He is an intelligent, independent cat that tends to be the initiator in the activities he’s interested in. He is a neat eater, a meticulous groomer, and insists on having two litter boxes!

Jax acclimates pretty quickly to a new home, and once he is settled in, he becomes more and more affectionate. He may initially sleep under your bed or inside a cabinet at night, but after a couple of days he decides to join you for most of the night. Jax gets quiet playful early in the morning but is usually good at entertaining himself with toys outside of the bedroom. When he's in the mood, he's a lap cat.

Jax seems happy as a single kitty as long as he has toys and plenty of energetic playtime with his caretaker. We haven't seen Jax with other cats so we don't know if he needs or wants a kitty companion. However, pairing him up with the right playful male buddy may be good for him to help burn off some of his energy. We are hesitant about a home with a dog since he tends to hide when he hears dogs in the hallway of his foster home. Jax can get a little nippy when he plays or wants to get your attention, so no young children now or in the future. An older child who is experienced with cats would be fine.

Jax is a lucky boy. He came into our care after coming to an emergency vet with a urinary blockage. Because it takes time to clear a blockage (typically 2-3 days of hospitalization with a urinary catheter, medication, blood work and careful monitoring), this procedure is very expensive. Without treatment, this condition is fatal (toxins back up into the kidneys). He is on special prescription food for life to prevent future blockages and careful monitoring is needed. Sadly, because his caretaker couldn't afford or manage his care, Jax was signed over to the vet office after they offered to find a new home for him or a rescue group to help.

Now in SPCA's care, Jax is doing great following this procedure. Thanks to our supporters, we were able to raise money to help pay for his care. Jax is ready for adoption – he's on special prescription food and needs careful monitoring by his caretaker.

Because Jax is on prescription food and requires special care, SPCA is waiving his adoption fee.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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Moderately Active

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Jax is on special diet to prevent a urinary blockage