Gender: Male

Birth date: 08/2020

Needs feline companion: Yes


HARRY and HARRIETT are sweet, active, and playful kittens. They are very affectionate with people and show their affection by giving you little kitty kisses. They like to be near people and calmly follow you wherever you go. They love it when you play with them but are also happy just quietly sitting by you. They have an amazing array of sounds – trills, chirps and little meows. Both enjoy playing with a turbo scratcher and fishing pole with a suede tassel. They are very busy chasing and wrestling with each other, and like carrying toys around in their mouths – sometimes bringing them to you.

Harry and Harriett both like to be on their foster parents’ bed at night. Harry is content to stay by your feet quietly all night. Harriett comes and goes and in wee hours gets up to foster dad’s face, purring and wanting to be cuddled. As you put your hand on her back, she keeps licking all over your hand purring and stays in your arms for a long time – something she doesn’t do during the day.

HARRY (grey, male) is a bit more laid back than Harriet. He likes to cuddle up next to his foster mom for a nap and is very easy to handle. Harry gets lazy sometimes and leaves the running for the fishing pole toy to his sister, although he can jump really high for it when he wants to. He also likes to chase after little mouse toys if you throw them. He is still adapting to his new foster home and can be a little timid and hides for a few minutes with new sounds, such as foster dad's approaching footsteps. But he soon comes out and loves to be petted for a long time as if nothing had scared him.

HARRIETT (grey/white female) is smaller than her brother, but has a lot of spunk. She stands up to Harry during chases and wrestling matches even though she's smaller. Harriet frequently outruns Harry during fishing pole toy play, and grabs the tassel and tries to run off with it. Unlike Harry, she isn't timid one bit and is brave enough to venture out to explore every little corner of your house. During the day she likes to be near you but doesn’t want to be cuddled. Instead, she walks up to you to touch your hand with her nose for a moment then walks away but stays nearby to feel your presence. Harriett is very friendly, but a bit more feisty and independent than her brother.

Harry and Harriet need a quieter home. They have not been exposed to other cats, kids or dogs. They would do fine in a quiet home with an older child, or a person our couple who are home a fair amount to give them love and affection. No young children or dogs now or in the future.

Harry and Harriett are amazingly resilient. They came into our care from a rural shelter where they weren't able to get appropriate treatment early in life for upper respiratory and eye infections. As a result, both kittens have had one eye removed. While their depth perception may be a tiny bit off, having one eye doesn't slow them down one bit. They are now healthy and exceedingly happy kitties. They adore people and are loving life.


PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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Moderately Active

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Both kitties have had one eye removed, but don't know they are different from other cats