Adoption Pending

Gender: Female

Birth date: 04/2024

Needs feline companion: Yes


Edith’s Personality

Even though Edith is the only girl in a litter with four brothers, and the smallest of the bunch, she is a mighty girl. Not only can she wrestle and frolic with the big boy kittens, but she is also a snuggler, cuddler and makes the most gentle "biscuits" on her foster mom's lap. Edith must be adopted into a home with a female kitten or young female adult cat to bond and play with.

As soon has her foster mom wakes up in the morning, Edith is nearby ready for her morning pets and snuggles. Don't let her small size fool you! She has the biggest character in the litter. Curious and careful, Edith likes to spend time playing in the toy bin or napping in a chair in the afternoon sun. Her beautiful markings – a tabby with stripes and a calico with patches of color – are becoming more and more beautiful every day as her little body grows. Edith is a beauty and little love bug who is waiting for a home of her own with a family that loves kitten biscuits and tiny snuggles.

What Type of Home Edith Needs

Edith must be adopted into a home where people are around to give her lots of love and affection as she grows up. A home with more than one person is ideal so she gets use to multiple new people as she grows up. She must also have a female cat buddy to grow up with. Edith would do fine with an older child or two in her home that know how to handle young kittens.

Where Edith Came From

Edith was born in our care along with her four brothers (posted separately in pairs). Her mama, Rose, has been a very nurturing mama and is as sweet as can be. No doubt where Edith gets her sweetness from!

Home Environment:

Moderately Active

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