Adoption Pending

Gender: Male

Birth date: 07/2019

Needs feline companion: Yes


DW is Dobbie and Dasher's brother (posted separately). DW is a sweet, playful tabby boy. He is shy with new people and needs a patient caretaker who will give him a little time to settle in. DW needs to be adopted along with a compatible male SPCA kitty or into a home with a young, friendly male cat who wants a buddy. He is bonded with the male resident cat in his foster home named "Floof." If you have a friendly adult male cat who loves other cats, DW would like to be his buddy!

DW is a playful boy how loves to bat toys around. He is good at playing on his own and responds well to you initiating play with him with a wand or other toys. DW is still learning to like being petted and cuddled so he needs someone to gently show him the magic of a good chin scratch. DW needs a quiet home without young children, or dogs, now or in the future. He also needs an experienced cat caretaker who knows how to make a shy kitty feel safe until he acclimates to a new environment.

DW was found huddled together with his brothers, Dobbie and Dasher, under some trees along 4 Mile Run. The person who found them, Denise, heard meowing from the woods as she walked by, so she meowed back. Seconds later Dobbie bolted out to investigate. It took a little coaxing with beef jerky, but he was easy to pick up. The other brothers were coaxed out a little later with canned cat food Denise got from a store nearby. Once in our care, it was clear these precious boys were dumped in the park to fend for themselves. Who would do such a cruel thing? Now safely in our care, DW and his brothers are waiting for loving forever homes.

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