Gender: Female

Birth date: 01/2013

Needs feline companion: No


DAKOTA is the biggest little lap cat ever. After just a few days, Dakota decided her foster mom’s lap was the best place to be. Dakota is a bit shy around strangers, but warms up to guests and if they sit still long enough, Dakota will jump into their lap too.

Dakota likes to sleep on her foster mom’s bed. In the winter, she creeps under the covers and cuddles up right next to her foster mom, making a great little furry hot water bottle. Dakota is a very deep sleeper, and does not wake her foster mom up too early, instead waiting patiently for her first meal. Dakota is a calm, low-key kitty but also likes to play with a toy on a string and bat around a catnip toy. But what she wants most of all is a nice warm lap to sit in while she purrs. Dakota is especially fond of watching British TV dramas with her foster mom, and thinks Ross Poldark is the cat’s pajamas!

Dakota is use to a quiet foster home with one person. She would, however, do well with more people in her forever home – more laps to choose from! Dakota is fine as the only kitty, or she might also do well with another sweet, low-key cat. No dogs though or young children now or in the future. Dakota doesn't mind being left alone during the day while her foster mom is at work, but she would be happier in a home where someone is home more often to keep her company.

SPCA took Dakota into our care from a local shelter where she had been found as a stray kitty. We chose to help Dakota because she was covered in scabs around her neck and half of the fur on her body was missing. This poor girl looked so sad and uncomfortable, but greeted us when we reached out to pet her. Dakota's fur has grown back and she now has a soft, sleek black coat.

Dakota is being treated for allergies and motility issues in her intestines/colon which can cause constipation if not treated. She is on a special diet and takes medications with ease to manage her conditions. Dakota will need this treatment for the rest of her life to ensure she remains healthy. She is very good about taking her daily medication, as she knows it means food is coming next. Dakota is not a big talker until meal time rolls around – then she lets you hear about it! She is very good about not begging for food between meals.

If you want a sweet loving lap cat, and can provide Dakota with the medical care she needs, please consider adopting her.

Note: We are waiving Dakota's adoption fee due to her allergies and constipation issues.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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Allergies and constipation treated with special food and medications