Gender: Male

Birth date: 02/2022

Needs feline companion: No



Note: Cookie needs a new foster home; he's a good candidate to foster with the potential to adopt.

Cookie's Personality

Cookie is a very social boy who loves to greet you, hang out with you and be by your side. He loves getting your attention – petting his head, scratching behind his ears, and snuggling in your lap. Cookie also loves to play with anything that moves – a toy on a string, balls moving along a track, or a toy mouse tossed across the room.

Cookie is very comfortable and affectionate with his foster mom, but will initially be a little uncertain in new situations with new people. Cookie is not shy but will need a little time to settle in. Sadly, Cookie had to fend for himself outside – lost or abandoned – before he was even a year old. Because of this, Cookie may swat at you (no claws out) or nip you when he wants your attention or is uncertain about your movements. We are working on this behavior and Cookie has made significant progress.

What Type of Home Cookie Needs

Cookie needs a home with an experienced cat caretaker who will give him a little time to settle in on his own, and can work with his swatting and nipping. He is very social and also needs people to be around to give him love, affection and playtime. No children now or in the future. Cookie needs to initially be the only pet in his forever home so he can get settled and claim his territory. He may be perfectly happy as the only pet as long as he has lots of toys, window perches and cat trees, and active playtime with his caretaker. Its possible he would do ok with a younger male teenager (6-9 months old) if introduced at a later date. But we can't be certain he would welcome another kitty.

Where Cookie Came From

Cookie was a stray kitty living outside fending for himself. Luckily, a kind man spotted him outside and began putting food out for him. Over time, Cookie started to feel more comfortable and began to show his true colors – that he was a friendly kitty who needed a home.

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Moderately Active

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