Gender: Male

Birth date: 02/2022

Needs feline companion: No


Cookie's Personality

Cookie is a very social boy who loves to greet you, hang out with you and lounge in your lap. He craves being petted and snuggling in your lap for as long as you will let him. His foster mom says he is one of the most loving cats on the planet. He sits in your lap purring while staring into your eyes thanking you for being his best buddy. Cookie likes to sleep next to you at night.

Cookie has medium-level energy and loves to play. He needs interactive playtime with his caretakers a couple times a day and lots of different types of toys to keep him entertained. Cookie recently learned to play fetch – throw his favorite toy mouse up the stairs – he races to get it, and brings it back to you. Cookie also loves playing "tether ball" – batting a big toy on a string. He's also good at playing with toys on his own – batting toys around and chasing them.

Cookie follows his foster mom around the house. He wants to know what's going on. He also loves a good window perch to watch birds and squirrels outdoors. This sweet boy is also a master chef – give him a soft blanket and he loves to make biscuits! When he's in a talkative mood, Cookie likes to let you know what's on his mind. Cookie is not shy and settles into a new place pretty quickly – just give him a little time and space so he can get his bearings. He was quite scared when he first came into our care. With love and patience, Cookie has blossomed into an amazing cat.

What Type of Home Cookie Needs

Cookie needs a home with an experienced cat caretaker who understands cat behavior – when they are scared, lonely, on edge or completely comfortable in their surroundings. As a young male who wants to be the only cat, he needs a home with human activity around him. He will do best with a couple or a family with an older child who has lived with and understands cats. No very young children now or in the future. He is use to having his foster mom work from home 3 days a week.We tried to introduce him to another young male cat, but he wasn't happy at all! So, Cookie needs to be the only cat in your home, and no dogs.

Where Cookie Came From

Cookie was a stray kitty living outside fending for himself before he was even a year old. Luckily, a kind man spotted him outside and began putting food out for him. Over time, Cookie started to feel more comfortable and began to show his true colors – that he was a friendly kitty who needed a loving home.

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Moderately Active

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