Gender: Female

Birth date: 06/2020

Needs feline companion: Yes


Note: Will add more photos shortly!

COCO and POPPY are gorgeous brown spotted tabby sisters, equally curious and high-spirited. They are one part wrestler and one part runway model. They ADORE chasing each other, snooping around the house, batting their pink mice around and displaying pretty impressive wrestling maneuvers. When they aren’t engaged in friendly sparring, they show off their softer side by lounging and striking a pose on their sheepskin rug or getting love from their foster family. These baby divas are girly girls who LOVE pampering, including face massages, whisker and belly rubs, and brushing with their purr motors humming. This bonded pair is receptive to at least 100 kisses per day and need to be adopted as a pair.

COCO is the more vocal sister. She identifies herself with a little squeal when she’s picked up, not protesting, this is just her calling card. When Coco is tired from romping and investigating, she trots to her room for a sunny spot in front of the window or in her hammock for a good nap. She enjoys TV from time to time, but enjoys her own image in the mirror even more! She also appreciates a little dance to Fleetwood Mac with foster mom at night before lights out. Coco can be a tad shy with people, but has made tremendous progress since her rescue.

POPPY struts her beautiful spots, and is a spunky, inquisitive girl who loves her toys, climbing to the top of her scratching post, and napping in her kitty condo. Poppy soaks up snuggles and loves being spoiled rotten. She especially enjoys being held like an infant and stroked while she drifts off, and cuddling and napping on the sofa with sister Coco and her big kitty brother. She’s become a reliable office assistant to foster mom, participating in Zoom meetings whenever she can. Her new favorite toy: a fresh green bean. No attempt to eat it, but she’s just fascinated by the bean. Poppy’s known for her endearing horse gallops and bunny hops throughout the house. There’s no end to her cuteness! Like her sister, Poppy is loving, but still a wee bit shy with people in certain situations.

The girls need a quieter home that is 'settled' with cat-savvy adults who will continue to nurture them. This means no frequent moves and expected significant life changes such as babies or young children down the road. Their foster home has three adults who are home most of the time – either retired or working from home. A home that includes a cat-savvy older child would be fine. They need lots of interaction and love to ensure they continue to thrive. Coco and Poppy were rescued from outdoors as younger kittens along with their three siblings, all adopted.

PLEASE NOTE: We ONLY adopt to residents of the Washington metropolitan area, which includes Washington, D.C. and parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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